Titchmarsh Environmental Group Autumn Litter Pick

Ten volunteers trooped off to Halden’s Parkway and the Thrapston Island area again, to litter pick early last Sunday morning. We had the best weather we have had so far – with the sun shining down on us and our litter!! Special thanks goes to Ashley Rolfe who spent 2 hours clearing a 6 foot stretch of ditch!! He collected 6 bags of rubbish and he only touched the surface as much was buried!!!

We collected 34 bags in 2 hours, in total, including 6 bags Ian and Shirley Curtis collected on the Friday as they could not make the Sunday!

This is a record! Which is shocking -since we regularly litter pick this area now. It just goes to show that the developers not only, supposedly create jobs, they DEFINATELY create something else as well!!!

Many thanks to all the people who regularly litter pick in and around our lovely village.
We do have something to be proud of! Let’s do all we can to protect it!!

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