Titchmarsh Environmental Group Bee Bombs Event on Sun 10th April

Titchmarsh Environmental Group joined with the Village Shop yesterday in their BBQ and Afternoon Teas Event on the Top Green. It was a lovely Spring day and many people were enjoying the weather and the good food and drink on offer!

TEG had an activity table where children young and old could make their own Bee Bombs to plant in their garden to grow wild flowers providing food for bees and insects.

These creatures are an important part of the eco system that are under threat from the use chemical sprays, reduced habitat and less wild areas where food sources grow. By increasing the amount of wild flowers we have in the village we will giving them a helping hand to survive and hopefully thrive! Without these small creatures our food will not be pollinated and therefore will not grow1

In 2 hours 20 people had fun getting their hands dirty making their own bombs to plant and they got a free packet of sunflower seeds. What is not to like?

Thanks to all who took part. We hope you had fun!

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