Titchmarsh Environmental Group

Who Are We?

The Titchmarsh Environmental Group was formed in May 2019.  We are a small group of like-minded people from the village who have an interest in environmental issues. 


We aim to make a positive contribution to maintaining and improving the village environment and to be proactively involved in activities which positively impact the wider environment. 


  1. Reducing our Carbon Footprint – to facilitate and encourage carbon footprint reduction through various initiatives such as electric car charging and car sharing.
  2. Wild Animal Support – to engage in projects and activities which will positively support wild animals and improve their habitats through initiatives such as hedgehog highways and bug hotels.
  3. Conservation and Environmental Improvement – to preserve and protect our environment and contribute to making improvements through initiatives such as tree and wildflower planting.
  4. Environmental Impact – to lessen negative environmental impact through initiatives such as recycling projects, reduction of single-use plastics and litter picking.
  5. Communication & Education – to disseminate useful information regarding environmental issues.



Our first group litter pick took place on 16th February 2020.  A small group of ten volunteers collected 25 bags of litter from the verges along Islington, Haldens Parkway, Thrapston Roundabout Area and Plum Pudding Hill.                       

Our next litter pick is planned for:  7th February 2021 (local restrictions permitting)

A small number of volunteers are required. Equipment and health and safety guidance will be provided.

If you are interested then please email us.


In January 2020 TEG presented a proposal to Titchmarsh Parish Council regarding the creation of designated wildlife verges in the village.  TPC were very supportive and kindly granted permission for two verge areas, one on St Andrews Lane and the other in North Street.  On 1st March volunteers from TEG surveyed the St Andrews Lane verge, cut the grass and did some wildflower seed planting. 

Signs are now in place showing where these areas are.  The wildflower seeds planted in March at the St Andrews Lane verge were not as successful as we would have liked however surveys of both areas have shown some positive outcomes in terms of increased biodiversity and wildlife.  During the year we have been growing wildflower plug plants from seed and in October we planted these into the St Andrews verge. 

In October we delivered an update to the Parish Council including our survey results, for further information please see the attached document.   


We have created recycling points within the village for items which we know are recyclable but are not currently recycled via the household recycling bin.  This includes crisp packets, dental product recycling and coffee product recycling. We have collected many bags full of these items which are then taken to designated local TerraCycle points. 

Our collective recycling efforts have been so successful that we are currently looking at how we could expand to include other items.  We are also exploring the possibility of creating a centralised RECYCLING HUB within the village – watch this space!

For the time-being current recycling points are:

  • CRISP PACKET RECYCLING – The recycling box at Titchmarsh Village Shop is now located in the Pound Garden, underneath the storage hut on the left hand side of the garden entrance.
  • DENTAL PRODUCT RECYCLING – collection point in the telephone box.
  • COFFEE PRODUCT RECYCLING – 15 Tofts Close, Titchmarsh. (Tassimo packaging & discs, L’Or Nespresso Capsules – L’Or variety only, Kenco eco refill packs, Kenco plastic coffee jar lids).

If anyone in the village is unable to drop their recycling to the above locations, please email us & we will collect it.

If you would like more information about any of our activities or if you would like to get involved then please:

CONTACT US: titchmarsheg@yahoo.com

Check out our facebook page to keep up to date on our activities and for useful environmental information. 

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