Who Are We?

The Titchmarsh Environmental Group was formed in May 2019.  We are a small group of like-minded people from the village who have an interest in environmental issues. 


We aim to make a positive contribution to maintaining and improving the village environment and to be proactively involved in activities which positively impact the wider environment. 


  1. Reducing our Carbon Footprint – to facilitate and encourage carbon footprint reduction through various initiatives such as electric car charging and car sharing.
  2. Wild Animal Support – to engage in projects and activities which will positively support wild animals and improve their habitats through initiatives such as hedgehog highways and bug hotels.
  3. Conservation and Environmental Improvement – to preserve and protect our environment and contribute to making improvements through initiatives such as tree and wildflower planting.
  4. Environmental Impact – to lessen negative environmental impact through initiatives such as recycling projects, reduction of single-use plastics and litter picking.
  5. Communication & Education – to disseminate useful information regarding environmental issues.


Litter picks – We aim to have 3 litter picks a year- one in Autumn, Winter and Spring.

We are also, trying to make links with Distribution Centres at Halden’s Parkway so that we can work together to solve the litter problems there.

Recycling Hub – Working with the Parish Council and The Wheatsheaf we have established a place where villagers can take items that are difficult to recycle, are not accepted at kerbside but are recycled by Terracycle. TEG members collect your recycling from the Hub and take it to the nearest Terracycle Collection point.

Items collected at present are:

BIC Writing Implements scheme – any brand of pen, mechanical pencil, fountain pen, ink cartridges, markers and felt tips, highlighters and correction instruments (tape and fluid pot)

Cathedral City Cheese wrapper scheme – all brands of soft plastic wrapping for cheese

Colgate Dental Care scheme – all brands of toothpaste tubes, boxes, toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads and their wrappings

Pet Food Pouches – any brand of soft packaging – washed out please

Medicine Blister packs – any empty blister pack

Walkers Crisp Packet scheme – all brands of crisp packet including the packets for multipacks

Please read the posters on the insides of the bin lids if you are unsure what to put in each bin.

Tetrapaks -After communications with the new North Northants Council, Titchmarsh residents are now able to recycle their Tetrapak cartons at kerbside.

Wildflower Verges

In liaison with Titchmarsh Parish Council, we have established 2 wildflower verges to support the growth of wildflowers and support wildlife, especially insects. These sites are in St Andrews Lane and North Street. This is a long-term project, where TEG is comparing the growth of diversity at the 2 sites. Both sites are no longer cut on a regular basis. TEG organises cuts only in March and the end of August. This allows the wildflowers to flourish. North Street is to be left to develop on its own. St Andrews Lane has had wild flower seed and wildflower plug plants planted to help diversify the species growing there. This includes Yellow Rattle which is a parasite of grass and will reduce grass growth helping other plants to thrive.

We also have a Wildflower Warden in our group who is collecting information about the diversity of wildflowers growing in our Parish. If you find any interesting plants growing around the village, do send TEG a photo and let us know where you found it growing. We will add it to our data base.

Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Tree Planting

We work to encourage tree planting where ever possible in the Parish of Titchmarsh.

We are currently working with the Playing Fields Committee, so that over 400 tree saplings from The Woodland Trust can be planted between the 2 football pitches to help with drainage and to prevent the ball rolling down the bank. This woodland strip, will of course, help support wildlife and help   the environment too, including reducing carbon emissions.

Working with the Community

TEG have a regular entry in the Titchmarsh Times updating residents on their current projects and providing useful information that will give us all the opportunity to “do our bit” to help the planet.

We also have a Facebook page where you can get up to the minute information of our progress and activities.

If you would like more information about any of our activities or if you would like to get involved then please:

CONTACT US: titchmarsheg@yahoo.com

Check out our facebook page to keep up to date on our activities and for useful environmental information.