Titchmarsh Environmental Group

We aim to make a positive contribution to maintaining and improving the village environment and to be proactively involved in activities which positively impact the wider environment.


  1. Reducing our Carbon Footprint – we aim to facilitate and encourage carbon footprint reduction through various initiatives such as electric car charging and car sharing.
  2. Wild Animal Support – we aim to engage in projects and activities which will positively support wild animals and improve their habitats through initiatives such as hedgehog highways and bug hotels.
  3. Conservation and Environmental Improvement – we aim to preserve and protect our environment and contribute to making improvements through initiatives such as tree and wildflower planting.
  4. Environmental Impact – we aim to lessen negative environmental impact through initiatives such as recycling projects, reduction of single-use plastics and litter picking.
  5. Communication & Education – we aim to disseminate useful information regarding environmental issues.

Our meetings are open to all and we would like more people to join the group.  If you have ideas or would like to get involved then please contact:

Lucy Walshaw via email: lucywalshaw@gmail.com.

Meeting Minutes