Titchmarsh Primary School Governors required

Titchmarsh School are looking for School Governors. Can you help the children and village school?

You don’t need to be a parent or have experience working in education. Often, it’s the outside perspective you can bring that a school needs, however, you must be over 18.

Professional experience in areas such as HR, finance, law, or project management are all useful to a school. But soft skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solving are also great additions.

Governing bodies are responsible for the strategic management of a school and will make decisions about a wide range of issues

You can make a huge difference to the school and children. Governors make decisions that affect schools for years to come. A recent impact survey found that Governor volunteers bring £9.9 million worth of value to schools each year, and 9/10 volunteers would recommend being a governor to a friend.

As a governor, you can visit the school to gain an understanding of the culture and ethos and to get the most out of the role. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet children, parents, and teachers, and see the impact of your work first-hand.

If you are interested please contact the Executive Head Mr Edward Carlyle exechead@titchmarshprimary.co.uk

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