Titchmarsh Primary School Playing Field

Spring is finally here and so is the better weather – with lockdown easing and all the pupils back, we have been looking forward to getting out and about in the sunshine after so many months of cold weather and being stuck inside.

With the extra space outside, we can have pupils eating their lunches on the field and still able to distance safely and have PE lessons, lunchtimes and clubs outside as well. Unfortunately, our plans are being scuppered by dog mess.

The school fields are being misused by a small number of individuals who are seemingly allowing their dogs to run free and mess our lovely playing fields. Not only is it irresponsible, it is also a health risk to pupils and to staff and, with all of the other measures being taken to keep the children safe, it would be wonderful to have an open space where the children can run free and not have to worry about falling into something unpleasant.

We think our children deserve the very best and deserve a summertime of fun, sunshine and enjoyment. This is being ruined because of a small number of irresponsible dog owners. Please support us by keeping your dog away from our playing fields and help us to make this summer a safe and happy one for everyone.

Thank you.

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