Titchmarsh Primary School

Educating Local Children Since the Mid 1800’s

The school has an interesting, long, and proven history, with log books in existence from the mid 1800’s. Whilst maintaining its links with its valued, traditional past, the school is forward-looking, embracing and implementing change which considered will enhance the progress and development of the pupils.

This  Primary School provides a broad and balanced curriculum with carefully-designed enriching experiences provided for all pupils from four to 11 years of age. The present role stands at 83 with an annual admission number of 20 children.

In line with the National Curriculum the school is divided into three Key Stages:

  • Foundation Stage of Learning for our Reception Children;
  • Key Stage 1 which comprises separate Y1 and Y2 classes;
  • Key Stage 2 which comprises separate Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 classes.

The staff comprises of  full-time and  part-time teachers, plus full time teaching assistance in all classes.

The school shares an Executive Head teacher with Warmington School. Staff, children  and governors from both schools work closely together.

Further information and visits can be arranged by contacting the school office on 01832 732874, or visit our website at www.titchmarshprimaryschool.com.

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