It is with regret that Titchmarsh Environmental Group has to inform you that it will have to close the Recycling Hub after Easter. Several of the items can now be recycled at supermarkets but some items such as tooth care, writing implements and medical blister packs, Terracycle have stopped providing free recycling streams or we have no drop off points nearby to take them to. You can continue recycling most of the items we have been recycling at the hub in other ways. Please see the list below:

Most local supermarkets recycle soft plastics including crisp packets, soft cheese wrappers,all soft packaging and pet food pouches (but Thraspton CoOp does not accept pet pouches)

Pets at Home Rushden – recycle pet pouches and all pet food plastic bags

Terracycle. com -Philips Dental Care – print FREE post label for up to 1kg of dental care waste to be posted at any post office twice a month

Terracycle. com – Medical Blister Packs -you can PAY for a Zero Waste Box which has to be taken to a local collection point

Terracycle.com- The Air, Home and Laundry Care – print FREE post label – see website for more information

If you look on the Terracycle website there are other items you can recycle too. Some are free but check the local collection points map as many are far from us. Some recycling streams you have to pay for.

If you are not able to access a recycling point, your items will have to go in your black rubbish bin for the council to take away for landfill or incineration. PLEASE DO NOT place any more items at the Recycling Hub as they will NOT be recycled.

We do hope that you will still continue to recycle as many items as you can.
Thank you to everyone who has made changes to their ways of life to help the planet.

TEG will continue to monitor local recycling streams and inform you of any changes.

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