Titchmarsh Support Fund – Update

Wow – a massive thanks to everyone who has donated to the fund so far. What a fantastically generous village. Money has come in via the Village Website, the Village Shop and direct to the Church Bank Account. We are now in a secure position to take the project forward and we will keep you all regularly updated on how things are going.

What if you need help from the Fund?

You simply need to write a letter explaining why you need funding – what has happened to your income and how long you expect to be without funds. You will also need to give details of how many people are living in your household and dependent on you. You should also indicate what steps, if any, you have taken to access Government funding. We understand, that even if you qualify for Government funding, this might take some time to come through and help will be available until this happens.

Your letter of application can be sent:

  • via e-mail to supportfund@titchmarsh.info
  • by dropping the letter at the Village Shop marked “Support Fund” and put in the same box as donations which are also marked “Support Fund”
  • by post to “Support Fund” c/o Titchmarsh Village Shop, 1 The Green, Titchmarsh NN14 4DA

Everything will be treated in the utmost confidence. Only the person opening the application will know who sent it. All personal details will be taken off the letter before it is discussed by the Panel.

Any funding will be by way of credit on your Shop Account. If you do not already have an account then you will need to open one. This is a simple process – you just need to contact the shop for a form to complete. Do not mention Support Fund as people working in the shop don’t want or need to know which accounts are to do with the Support Fund. If you are granted funding, then the only other person knowing your details will be the person putting credit on your Shop Account each week.

Please do not be shy – these circumstances are beyond personal control and everyone wants to help in whatever way they can – be it financial support or picking up prescriptions. Don’t worry if you are not sure if you need help right now, we will continue to accept applications until the fund is closed down and it will go on as long as it is needed.

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