Titchmarsh Support Fund

Over the last few days notes have been dropping through letterboxes telling people about the new Titchmarsh Support Fund. As the note explains at length, we are living in difficult times and it is important that we look after everybody’s health and well-being. Not everyone is entitled to Government help and, even if they are, there is no guarantee any funding will come through quickly enough. The longer the Coronavirus epidemic unfolds, the harder some families are going to find it to cope.

It is not an understatement to say that some people face real, stark and immediate hardship.

That is why the Titchmarsh Support Fund has been set up. No-one wants to hear of anyone in our community going short of food or household essentials. The Fund can’t pay mortgages or rent but it can ensure people don’t go hungry and are able to maintain their dignity. There is already an amount of seed-funding in the pot but there is no knowing how long this will last. That’s why we need your donations.

You can donate in a number of ways. The simplest and quickest method is to make a donation with a card via this website. The process is completely secure and allows donors to keep their anonimity should they wish. All online donations can be gift aided. Click the button below to proceed.

Donate Now

Alternatively you can also donate as follows:

• via BACS to Titchmarsh PCC; 40-44-16; 21119435 Ref Support Fund *
• cheque made payable to “Titchmarsh PCC” with Support Fund written on the back *
• cash left at the Shop in envelope marked “Titchmarsh Support Fund Donation” *
• £2 donation through the till when you shop

* Can be gift aided

We do not yet know how many people will need to access this fund nor how many donations we will receive. We already have enough commitments to make a start but it will depend how long the emergency lasts and how many people need help.

Thank you.

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