Titchmarsh Wildflower verges get end of Summer Trim

A total of 8 Titchmarsh Environmental Group members and willing helpers spent 2 hours of their Sunday morning strimming and clearing the village Wildflower Verges. So they may look a little scalped and tatty at the moment, but it is important that the grass is cleared at this time of year to give wild flowers a chance to thrive next year.

Wild flowers grow best in nutrient deficient soil so we do not want the grass to mulch down and feed the soil. Many thanks to John Walshaw and Ian Curtis for their help with strimming and cutting. John Franklin has grown over 100 plug plants of wild flowers which have been planted at St Andrews Lane verge. He is now growing Yellow Rattle plants which are parasites of grass and will help reduce the grass growth giving wild flowers a greater chance to grow TEG has received from Paul Blackman a Spring survey of the wild flowers we have growing on the verges around our village. We are currently taking survey of Summer wildflowers and will share the results with you soon.

Do send TEG any photos you take of wildflowers around the village and we will add them to the survey.

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