Uncovering the past.

The History Association is currently engaged in a number of pieces of research. These we discussed recently with Steve Parry of the Museum of London Archaeology. Three aspects of our work in particular require us to investigate what lies under the surface. These are the various Roman settlements in the parish, the location of the Pickering manor house and gardens, and the landforms off London End that suggest a part of the village has been deserted at some time. A fourth topic that is intriguing us is that of the Pickering tombs. Some evidence suggests that generations of the family may have been buried in a vault under the floor of the church. If so, where exactly? That is a mystery which is slowly being unravelled. Steve was very encouraging about what the Association has achieved but could not offer us any tangible support. If we are to pursue these areas further then we will need to attract funding in order to pay for the hire of equipment, items such as ground penetrating radar or magnetometers. Steve was extremely helpful in explaining the various techniques and identifying where we might access the equipment and training in its use.

Another area of our work is identifying any apple trees given to returning soldiers after WW1 from which we intend to take cuttings for a new generation of trees. We are enjoying some success in this venture. And finally, we are bringing information from a variety of sources in order to compile a comprehensive and readily accessible inventory of the graves in the churchyard. This should help us to answer some of the many questions we receive from people tracing their ancestry here in the village. For more information on all these items please visit our dedicated website titchmarshhistory.co.uk.

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