Update on Amendments to Proposed Warehouse Planning Applications

As you may have read in the latest issue of the Titchmarsh Times, there have been a few changes to the proposed plans for the warehouse developments on the outskirts of the village. In particular, IM Properties – who are in charge of the Glebe Land project – have submitted additional documents seeking to underpin their their application.

What do these changes mean and what can villagers do in response?

Sharon Cole from STAUNCH takes up the story:

Residents have been asking if we need to respond to the recent updates to the planning applications on both the Castle Manor Farm and Glebe Land development sites.

The letters we received state that the closing dates for comments are 2nd Feb and 29th Jan respectively. However, IM Properties have planned another Community Consultation Meeting in Titchmarsh on Fri 3rd March 4-9pm in The Clubroom, so it does not seem right that we are asked to comment before this date. STAUNCH have asked for clarification from North Northants Council and they have confirmed objections will be accepted beyond these dates. However, if you are able to meet the deadline with your objection then please do so.

STAUNCH members and volunteers have been studying the new documents and have the following observations:

Castle Manor Farm (Newlands Developments)  NE/22/00151/FUL

Layout Plan – this has been altered but not change any of the issues that this application raises

Drainage – there are still concerns about the impact of creating increased flooding in the area including Titchmarsh, Thrapston High Street, homes near the river in Thrapston and the A605.

There are concerns that Islip Water Treatment Plant has not been updated as recommended and continues to emit raw sewage, on a regular basis into the River Nene, as does the Water Treatment Works at Titchmarsh in order to cope with present capacity. The proposed warehouses will only make the bad situation worse.

Landscaping – the planting schemes aimed at hiding the buildings are still totally inadequate and will not disguise the site even after 20 years growth.

Guidance states that planting schemes should be predominantly species found in the local area ? So why have the developers not followed the NNC expert’s advice who requested few evergreens and are instead planting 100s of holly trees?

Highways – we are still waiting for a response from Highways England re the proposed plans and in particular their effects on the A14 and the A605 and beyond

Ecology – the surveys carried out on site have not followed procedure and are inaccurate. Some surveys are still missing from the application such as Dormice Surveys

Archaeology – A written scheme of investigation has been submitted but until this work has been carried out. how can plans to protect the archaeology there, be decided upon?

Application link >>

The Glebe Land (IM Properties) NE/22/00698/OUT

Highways including Traffic Flow – we are still waiting for a response from Highways England re the proposed plans and in particular their effects on the A14 and the A605 and beyond. The traffic flow surveys are inaccurate. As we all experience the roads and roundabouts in our area are full and can not cope with existing traffic volumes.

Landscape and Visual Impact – the massive negative impact upon the Upper Nene Valley remains.

Noise and Vibration – We do not know who will fill the site, so how can this be accurately measured? The surveys submitted so far do not acknowledge the full impact upon humans and wildlife that is known.

Ecology – the surveys carried out on site have not followed procedure and are inaccurate such as the Hedgerow, Bat, Breeding and Overwintering Birds surveys. Some surveys are still missing from the application such as Dormice Surveys.

Bio Diversity and Offset site – The plans for this are very unclear. We do not know how it will be maintained in years to come. There is no scientific evidence that offset sites work to protect diversity.

Archaeology – We are still waiting for a response from Historic England re the applications and in particular the effects upon the important site of Titchmarsh Roman Town.

Application Link >>

Cumulative Effects

Cumulative effects are those additional, compound issues that are likely to arise if both plans go ahead. Even though the developers have been asked for the cumulative effects to be summarised, they have been unable to do so, as it is an almost impossible task.

We need to know the cumulative effects of light, noise, air and water pollution.  The documentation provided is poor, with insufficient figures and inaccuracies.

As you can see below the village is now almost surrounded by developments. It’s up to us to say no!


In summary, nothing that has been additionally submitted by either applicant changes the reasons for objecting.

It is important that you take the time to re submit your objections, even if it is a brief paragraph stating that your objection remains the same, as it shows the continuing strength of feeling in our community that these proposed developments are inappropriate, disproportionate and unsustainable.

Remember you do not need to have a detailed understanding of planning matters to submit an objection. No planning department expects local communities to possess detailed planning knowledge. The planning authority however welcome the submission of any concerns of residents and other stakeholders so these can be considered alongside the application itself. They can then be taken into account by the planners when they make their recommendations to the North Northants Strategic Planning Committee who will be determining the outcome of the application.


Send your objections to East Northants Council by email to: planning.ENC@northnorthants.gov.uk including the application number and your name and address.

Alternatively, click the links below to see the applications online and to submit your comments:

Castle Manor Farm (Newlands Developments)  NE/22/00151/FUL

The Glebe Land (IM Properties) NE/22/00698/OUT

If you need any advice about what to put in your objections, please visit this page on the STAUNCH website.

Finally, let your local politicians know your thoughts and concerns directly. Below are the most relevant contact details:

Councillor David Brackenbury (Thrapston Ward and Chair of EAP Planning Policy)

Councillor Wendy Brackenbury (Thrapston Ward)

Councillor Geoff Shacklock (Thrapston Ward)

Jason Smithers (Leader of North Northants Council)

Tom Pursglove MP – House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

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