Update on High Street Road Closure

A number of people have been in touch to ask about the status of the road closure on the High Street. The road was closed after the devastating thatch fire two weeks ago and all traffic through the village is now being re-routed via Chapel Street. This is a much narrower highway and has led to frequent back-ups and frayed tempers. The situation is particularly bad when HGVs and agricultural vehicles with trailers attempt to negotiate the T-junction at North Street. In some instances, villagers have been required to move their parked cars in order to allow large lorries to pass.

The latest information available suggests the High Street will remain closed until Friday, June 5th. However, the situation is being updated every day and the date may be subject to change.  Clearly this will continue to add a level of disruption for some villagers but please be patient and remain mindful of the circumstances which led to the closure.

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