Upper Nene Valley Golden Plover & Lapwing Survey

Working in partnership with Natural England and the Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre we are seeking to understand which areas and habitat types wintering populations of Golden Plover and Lapwing utilise outside of the Gravel Pits in the area. Both species forage for food and roost on a variety of sites including cropped fields, ploughed/stubble fields and pasture.

We are seeking records of both species until the end of March 2021 from the area indicated in the attached map. This information will help us better understand the movements of these species during winter and identify areas or habitat types that are important to them.

If you have seen any golden plover or lapwing please send your records to the NBRC via their website https://northantsbrc.org.uk/record/submit-a-sighting or via email nbrc@northantsbrc.org.uk.

Records should include:
– A count of each species
– Activity – feeding/roosting (if known)
– Date and time
– Location – grid reference*, map & description
– Habitat type – grassland/arable (if arable also a crop type and stage if known)
– Name of observer
– A photograph may be useful but is not essential

*biological records for this project are needed at high accuracy – we request 6 figure or above.

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