Village Calendar

I’m sure most people will be aware that the Village Website has undergone a bit of transformation in recent weeks. Antar is in the process of stepping back from his web duties and is putting in place a system which will be much easier to run – by the new admins and the community at large.

The most important feature of the new site is the ability for villagers to post their own dates and events. Here in Titchmarsh we’re lucky to have a very active community. There always seems to be something going on and so having somewhere to see all the forthcoming dates in one place is crucial. One of the features on the new site is a village calendar of sorts. It lists all of the upcoming events in date order. Currently it includes everything from a Repair Café in Oundle on Saturday through to the Titchmarsh Show in August.

To make the system work effectively, organisers need to post their dates early! Getting the information out there isn’t just important for the people hosting the events but also for people who might be considering putting on a different event around the same time. This ensures events don’t clash.

If you’re a regular organiser of events and you would like to post your own dates, please send a request to

Alternatively, if you want a one-off date to appear on the calendar, send the details to the email address above.

Finally, if you’re someone who likes going to events, remember to check the dates on the Calendar. You might be surprised what you find there.

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