Village Farm Development Update

Last year the owners of Village Farm received planning permission to redevelop the existing farm buildings to create five new houses. Titchmarsh Parish Council supported the application as it was felt this would be the best way to preserve the existing farm structures.  That support was conditional subject to certain planning considerations being put in place, one of which was that no further attempt to develop the site should be made. Less than one year on, however, they have returned with a proposal to do just that.

View Parish Council considerations in relation to Village Farm planning application »

The original plan for 5 houses covers only about 70% of the Village Farm site. That’s because the remaining 30% is outside the designated village envelope on land which domestic development is not normally permitted. (NB: Agricultural structures and dwellings for agricultural workers are allowed.) There are a number of sheds and barns on this portion of the plot which are being rented to local farmers. The owners would now like to use this land on which to build some additional properties. The agents acting on behalf of the land owners have approached the Parish Council for their backing. They feel that the proposed development wouldn’t succeed without PC support because it is outside the village envelope. Before the Parish Council makes its decision the views of parishioners are being sought.

The green area denotes the development agreed in the original plan with the 5 properties indicated. The area in yellow is the proposed site for the new development. The red line indicates the northern edge of the village envelope – also known as the settlement boundary. Everything north of the red line is outside the village envelope. Please download the full drawings for more details.

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There are essentially two sides of the argument. On the one hand, a small number of additional properties won’t make much difference. Far better to develop the site all in one go than to let part of it stand empty. Currently the farm sheds are being used to house agricultural machinery and equipment. However, the concern is that if this arrangement were to end then the sheds could quickly become derelict.

The other side of the argument is that breeching the village envelope sets a precedent. If the PC gives its support to build beyond the envelope on this occasion then it could be difficult to curtail similar planning proposals in the future. For this reason the developers should stick to the original planning permission, already agreed by all parties.

This is an important issue. No decision to build beyond the village envelope can be taken lightly. That is why we invite all villagers to contact the Parish Clerk at with their comments. The matter will also be discussed at the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 12th April.

NB: It should be noted that the Village Farm site lies within the Titchmarsh conservation area. This is an area considered worthy of preservation or enhancement because of its special architectural or historic interest. You can view a map of the conservation area and other useful items using the links below:

ENC Planning Documents »
Titchmarsh Conservation Area Map2 MB
Full Location Plan of Original Planning Proposal550 KB

*Map colours updated to match ENC planning conventions

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