Village Farm Expansion Not Supported

At the recent Parish Council meeting held on 17.04.18 councillors voted unanimously NOT to support the proposed expansion of the Village Farm development. Titchmarsh Parish Council had been asked by the land owner’s agent to lend their support to a plan to expand the development beyond the village envelope.

Opinions were sought from villagers on the matter. This included an email consultation in which people were invited to write-in giving their views. Of the 27 respondents, 25 were against the proposal and only 2 were in favour.

Earlier, at the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Clubroom on Thursday 12th April, a number of speakers voiced their concerns on a range of issues raised by the plan. During a show of hands (conducted to gauge opinion in the room), not one of the 49 people present supported the proposal.

The Parish Council will now formerly inform the land owner and their agents of the decision.

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