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Last Monday, the government instructed everyone to stay indoors unless shopping for essentials, medicine or exercise. Since then, visiting a supermarket has become a major challenge, as the packed scrummage from just ten days ago has given way to disciplined (and sometimes lengthy) queues.

As a result, the village shop has seen a significant increase in visits and requests for deliveries to self isolating residents.

To help us to manage these changes, we would like to remind you of the best options to contact the village shop.

If possible, please visit the shop to do your own shopping as this easier for us to manage. There is still a limit of 2 customers in the shop at any time, and please remember to keep 2 metres apart in the shop or in the queue (queues have been mostly 2 people or less so you shouldn’t have to wait too long). It also tends to be less busy after 2.00pm. If you can’t come to the shop yourself, then you may know someone who can shop for you.

We also offer a delivery service on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – please ring us on 730 727 or email your order to

Payments for purchases should be made by Shop account or contactless card where possible, but we can still accept cash.

The shop ranges are being topped up every day – we have regular bread and milk orders and a new supply of fruit and veg thanks to Stuart at the Wheatsheaf. There are still some shortages, but we will let you know via the village website when “out of stock” products come back in.

Please remember, we are a community shop, and everyone from the village is welcome, even if you have not used the shop before.

…and finally, a big thank you to our Managers, Jayne and Sue, and all our volunteers who are working hard to keep everything stocked up and running smoothly.

Posted by John Wills

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