Village shop – New plants, Asparagus offer & Gin sanitiser (yes really!)

Over the past few weeks, the village shop suppliers have been bringing us a fantastic variety of fresh produce to keep our shelves topped up with seasonal stock.

Many gardeners in the village are already nurturing this season’s crop of tomatoes with plants from Tandee nursery at Thurning, and today we were delighted when Tina Edgar from Barnwell Manor cottages contacted us with a superb choice of vegetable plants to add to our range.

Tina worked as part of the Barnwell  Manor estate gardening team for many years, and now, using just her window sills and a small greenhouse, she has produced some lovely veg plants, including heritage tomatoes, sweet & chilli peppers,  beans, cucumbers and lettuce.

The heritage tomatoes include: Vince Yellow, Slovakian Giant, Tasty Tom Italian red, Giant tangerine ribbed and Reisentraube German, whilst the name “Devil’s Brew” tells you all you need to know about this chilli pepper plant!

These plants are sure to sell out really quickly, so come early if you don’t want to miss out.


If you’ve not yet  tried the new season’s asparagus, then pop in and pick up a bunch of Polebrook’s finest for just £3 (that’s 50p off for a limited time!)

…and finally…

I am pleased to report that the next batch of Titchmarsh gin has just arrived, and in common with other gin companies, Wharf distillery have used their skills to produce a sanitiser containing 80% alcohol.

This is now on sale for just £2.50 and as a liquid, only a few drops are needed for each application.

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