Palm Sunday to Easter – Video Message and Material

Canon Brian Withington has put together a booklet of spiritual material to help parishioners on the journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.  It uses liturgy that will be familiar to many, plus reflections for those days in Holy Week that have not usually been marked with a service in the Benefice. Anyone should feel free to use it as best helps them and Brian has asked that it be circulated widely to church members and others.  The material is in two formats, one to print and another to view on-line.

To print the booklet on A4 paper, open the “Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday…A5 booklet on A4” file and in the printer dialogue box choose:

  • A4 paper
  • landscape
  • print on both sides of paper, and
  • flip on short edge.

The booklet is then made by folding the A4 pages into centrefold A5 format.

To read on-screen, open the “Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday…sequential” file, adjust the zoom so that it suits you, and scroll through the sequential pages.

Download both files below.

Brian has also recorded a short video sharing his reflections for the week. Click below to watch.

Note: Palm Crosses, which would normally have been distributed on Palm Sunday, have been placed in St Mary’s South Porch (by the main door). Villagers are warmly invited to take one per family – during daily exercise, obviously…….
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