Website Update

After almost 8 months away, the old village website has made a welcome return. It was replaced back in March just as the Coronavirus started to bite. This allowed the important battle against Covid-19 and the activities of the Support@Titchmarsh team to take centre stage. In recent weeks, however, people have requested a return to the old site which is easier to access and contains far more information. Crucially, it also allows users to post their own news items.

The only downside is that some of the community and society pages are potentially out of date. If this applies to you or a group that is represented on the site, please get in touch. It takes a moment to update the information but it does require your input.

All of the most relevant Covid-19 information from the previous site has been carried over. There is a new heading on the main navigation entitled “Coronavirus”. Under it you can continue to access the Support & Titchmarsh details and volunteer register. Other details will be added and updated over the next few days.

“Closed due to Covid-19” notices have been added to pages where applicable – including the Clubroom and PFA.

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