What’s That Funny Noise?

At the last Parish Council meeting a number of villagers were in attendance to complain about a new and annoying noise which they believe is plaguing the village. They describe it as sounding like a jet engine or a very loud grain dryer. The sound is most often heard at night which not only disturbs their sleep but in some instances actually makes their homes vibrate. The level of noise changes depending on where people live in the village.

Those worst affected live along the High Street, Drydens Close or Church street. It isn’t the sound of the road, nor air traffic passing overhead. It’s not a wind turbine nor can it be anything inside the village. All of the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest the source of the sound is Haldens Parkway. This small industrial estate between Titchmarsh and Thrapston hosts a number of different companies and it would be impossible (at this stage) to point the finger at any one of them in particular.

That said, with the sound having such an adverse affect on the well-being of some villagers, the area is certain to become the focus of increased scrutiny as investigations continue. In true Titchmarsh fashion, a number of villagers have taken it upon themselves to get to the source of the problem. No doubt they will!

Watch this space for future updates…


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