Wildlife Verge Project

In January 2020 the Titchmarsh Environmental Group (TEG) presented a proposal to Titchmarsh Parish Council regarding the creation of designated wildlife verges in the village.  TPC were very supportive and kindly granted permission for two verge areas, one on St Andrews Lane and the other in North Street.  On 1st March volunteers from TEG surveyed the St Andrews Lane verge, cut the grass and did some wildflower seed planting. 

Signs are now in place showing where these areas are.  The wildflower seeds planted in March at the St Andrews Lane verge were not as successful as we would have liked however surveys of both areas have shown some positive outcomes in terms of increased biodiversity and wildlife.  During the year we have been growing wildflower plug plants from seed and in October we planted these into the St Andrews verge.

In October we delivered an update to the Parish Council including our survey results, for further information please see the attached document. 

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